Walls: Strong and Square as a Whole.

It’s hard to know how precise I should be. The tape measure has 16ths of an inch, but I would need a finish planer to even enter that ballpark. I bought full 12-foot studs for the sole and top plates of my long walls. The twists and knots more than preclude precision – screwing this lumber together can feel like trying to pull around a buffalo by the scruff of the neck.

Hey – it’s not so bad. I got one side-wall completed, and after all of the fuss… it looks like a wall. I measured the rough openings for the windows, and sure enough it looks like they will fit. I probably spent a few extra hours trying to convince the screws and wood to play nicely, but in the end I still have one wall to a house that I will be living in. More importantly, I have some practice and now I know what to expect the other walls to look like: imperfect under a magnifying glass, but strong and square as a whole.

(My tool arsenal includes a parade of drills.)


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