Mistakes are Natural; Mistakes are Progress.

No matter how careful the planning, dopey mistakes are a part of life. Mistakes are part of learning. Building an 8′ wall does not mean that you use 8′ studs: you have to factor in the height of the top and sole plates. I already knew this, but that didn’t keep me from making my first wall 8’3″ tall.

I did not despair. In fact, my reaction was closer to relief when I considered that it was only one wall and not all of them. If I hadn’t laid a sheet of plywood on top, I might not have noticed my mistake. If you have a positive mindset, mistakes like this one are hardly frustrating. Look at it this way: this is the kind of ‘oopsy’ that only happens once. I’m not likely to goof up this same way tomorrow.

I took off the top plate, cut down the full length studs, and put the top plate right back where it belongs – all in record time.*

*record time for me. slowly and carefully.

Then I moved on to the opposite wall, and it all went without a hitch:

Stackin’ up a sandwich of walls.


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