Finishing Four Walls, and Ordering an Impact Driver.

Kristin took a list of lengths and a tape measure and started cutting studs for the second-floor knee walls. I took my two drills and started screwing together all of the members of the front and rear walls. One drill has a bit to bore pilot holes, and the other drill is a revolving door for Phillips #2 bits. The bits are lasting longer now that I’ve developed better technique, but using a drill and not a driver will still eat up loads of bits. Kristin takes the “measure twice” mantra very seriously, and her cuts are precise enough to re-calibrate calipers.

I ordered an impact driver. Over morning coffee, I researched exactly how an impact driver is superior to a drill for driving long screws. I was sold – just like I wanted to be – and Amazon will be delivering my Porter Cable impact driver on the 9th, they say. Just in time to be mostly finished with the hard part. I’m dragging my feet getting started on the knee walls, hoping that the driver will arrive in the interim.

Cuttin’ Studs.

Drillin’ in the Near-Spring Weather.


Four walls; no halls.

Long shadows = quittin’ time.



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One response to “Finishing Four Walls, and Ordering an Impact Driver.

  1. Bill Hopp


    Well before dawn this morning, when I firing up the computing device for the day (hopefully, as connectivity has been off-and-on for the last 48…) and was diving into the day’s first mug of coffee, I was pleased to find multiple new posts here at your house.

    Now that much else has transpired and mug number three has been drained, I want to endorse your take on mistakes and progress. I long ago came to the conclusion that most of my new projects end up consuming a bit more money and considerably more time than my first estimate. What I almost always end up with is a bike that is more functional, a sink or toilet that fills and drains (but not on the floor), a motor vehicle that is again road worthy, a device that once again functions as intended, or some other desired material outcome – all at a considerable savings of money when weighed against hiring the work out (even if I break the first piece or part), or buying some new thing. In the end, the real bonus is that I have learned a new skill/skills and picked up a new tool or two, and maybe a new book, all of which make the next time easier, cheaper, and sharable. Plus, it can be fun.

    Your photos are great. I love the aerial image of you and Kristin with the long shadows. And four walls with two bikes, who can argue against that combination of domesticity and transport?

    I’d best go fix something.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Bill Hopp

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