Walls are up.

At every point along this path I’ve gotten reminders that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not familiar with any of the actions I need to take. I’m forcing myself forward against the resistance of a supreme lack of sureness. Today I raised the walls.

If I had been working with someone with skills and experience, it probably would have looked different. I wasn’t working with any carpenters, though, so I put the walls flush with the edges of the subfloor and drove in some screws. The sill plates were positioned perfectly – it’s pretty hard to mess that part up. All you have to do is make them even with the subfloor. It’s when I looked to the top of the walls that my concerns began to mount.

“Plumb” and “square” are adjectives which you hope describe your walls. I guess I was hoping to get lucky. I checked my luck with a plumb bob, and I wasn’t ecstatic about the result. I don’t know what tolerances I should be aiming for, but this is probably not good enough.

Fuck this, fuck everyone, fuck everything. I have no clue what I’m doing. Time to read some books, tutorials, articles, threads in forums… all the advice.


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