Bought the final window.

While continuing to edit my Sketchup model for the house – no, I’m not finished with that – I noticed that there isn’t enough space in the rear gable end for the window that I was planning to use. Oops. I didn’t factor in the height of the ceiling joists. I could make it fit, but it would be tight. It would take some fancy fitting and I don’t want to make anything more difficult than it needs to be.

I’ve been doing a great job of buying windows. I didn’t feel at all burdened to cast another line out into the Craigslist waters.

I scanned through the local building materials and it didn’t take long until I felt a tug on the line. Someone in Schwenksville, PA had a brand new awning window for $40. I’d rather pay less and drive a shorter distance, but let’s face it: forty bucks ain’t bad and I want to keep moving.

Kristin and I drove up to retrieve the window today. The weather was beautiful and there was flea-market-ish antiquing close at hand. The window will be a great fit for the loft. It’ll be right next to our heads while we’re sleeping, so the fact that it cranks out from the bottom – as awning windows do – is a bonus. We can have the window open during a rain shower and not have water splashing in.

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