Roof sheathing, balancing, and wishing I had three arms.

A one-man band can be fun to watch, but when multiple musicians collaborate, it usually works better. One guy can get the job done, but the interesting part is that he’s doing it alone, not that it sounds fantastic. Sometimes I feel like a one-man band.

Yesterday, I lifted the ridge board into place by myself. I made fork-shaped cutouts in scrap 2x4s and raised them to the correct height over the top plates and screwed them into place. I stood in the unfinished loft and hoisted the ridge up and rested it into the slots. Then I took some crude measurements and started lifting rafters into place. I banged nails into the rafters, constantly feeling like I was using two hands to do the work of three or four. More than once, I held a rafter in place by awkwardly draping a leg over it while trying to get a nail tapped in far enough to keep the rafter from slipping. It was a perfect model in inefficiency and frankly it was a goddamned headache.

Today, I began to lift sheets of plywood up to the roof and screw them into the rafters. It made yesterday seem easy. I didn’t get much coverage with the plywood before I had to take a deep breath and quit for the day.


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