Finishing the roof sheathing.

I got the rest of the plywood screwed onto the roof. What I really want to have is a little white angel on my shoulder telling me that all of my crude work will look and function well in the end. My own brain serves the function of the little black angel. The gaps in my work give me pause and I often have great difficulty imagining how I will ever sleep and read and breathe in this structure. It takes all of my faith and imagination to climb up and down the ladder.

To be honest, the rafters have pretty big gaps at the ridge board intersection. The plumb cut is just not flush. The plywood doesn’t look perfect by a long stretch. These facts do not make the roof unsafe, and the gaps will be covered and invisible several times over by the time I am finished. Still, I wish that I could magically produce perfect cuts on my first try ever. I wish I could pick up a bat and hit the first pitch right out of the park.


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  1. Ma Jenkins

    Amazing what love can do. Wish my son-in-law could get inspired like this.

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