Gable framing and gained confidence.

I’ve been stalling on building the framing for the gable ends of the roof. Cutting the 2x4s for the “A”-shaped gable ends requires taking two passes with a saw and making an angled cut at a fixed depth. It’s fairly elementary, I admit, but still more complicated than the walls. I tend to stall before tackling any step that requires trying something new. I study-stalled forever before working up the nerve to cut rafters.

I woke up feeling good and I cooked eggs for breakfast. Whenever that happens, any number of planets could be aligned. With surgical focus, I prepared to take measurements and cut wood.

The work wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. It was only as difficult as I imagined it ought to be. Perfect. I strapped on my thinking-brain and systematically laid out the cuts.

Instead of taking all of the measurements from my Sketchup model, I only completed the framing as far as I was certain would work. Before trimming excess and making the angled cuts where the gable-framing meets the rafters, I carried the unfinished product to the house. I propped up the framing in the open end of the roof and measured to make sure it was properly centered on the actual house. I marked the gable framing with a pencil to make a line where the framing meets the rafters on the actual house.

I allowed myself a pat on the back, because everything was going well. I wasn’t getting tired and confused, and finally I was beginning to feel comfortable. I made my cuts fairly quickly and returned to the house to screw the framing into place. Both ends of the roof now have completed framing with a rough opening for a window at either end. Though the work doesn’t look 100% snug and perfect, I know that the work is strong enough to last forever and nobody but me or the people reading this will know there are any gaps. And if I back off the modesty for a second, I can honestly say that from the ground it looks damn good. It was a little bit challenging, and the successful completion of this step gave me real pride.

tinyhouse166 tinyhouse162 tinyhouse176


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