Snapshot of an Under-Motivated Basketweaver.

There’s ups and there’s downs. That’s as scientific an explanation as I can eek out at the moment. Maybe I’m on the wrong dose of smart-drugs. Bumping up my dosage isn’t much of a solution – you can only go so far with that. Some days I just feel sluggish. If I take a break from the drugs, I won’t leave the house. If I take a day off of the Modafinil / Adderall / Ritalin etc, I don’t feel different at all – I just don’t leave the house. Certainly not to work on any projects, anyway. How can I get something done without stimulants? I wouldn’t know which foot to step with first. Left or right? I could happily waste a whole day calculating the merits of each. By the time I decide which foot should start the stepping, the sun will be going down.

It is in this misty fog that I forced myself up a ladder. A decision about my feet could not be made, so I hastily shoved them both out the front door. I poked around with a rattly tape measure and promptly cut a useless triangle out of plywood. That’s when the decisions got heavy. Should I drive to the store to get another sheet of plywood? (I could get coffee on the way back and take a break in the parking lot to watch cars drive by!) Should I keep working with the other sheet of plywood that I have and go to the store later? Could I skip buying more plywood, and use several scrap pieces to get the coverage that I need?

I must admit, a decision could not be made. I bumbled around a little bit longer. I cut one triangle correctly, and affixed it to the framing with about half the screws it would eventually need. Faced with the task of scooting the ladder over another six inches, I decided to hang it up for the day. It would be getting dark in about six hours anyway.



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3 responses to “Snapshot of an Under-Motivated Basketweaver.

  1. Chris

    Dude our brains are f’n twins, hell we share the same name. The whole over-thinking to a fault issue plagues me as well in carpentry and welding and I am continually relearning that though CAD may be infinitely accurate, in the real world I have to fly by the seat of my pants and that’s when my brain really battles. I often feel like I want to complete something solely on my own without any assistance in the name of “cost savings” but if I valued my time I would come out far ahead by getting someone to help me even if for only a few hours. I am looking forward to seeing pictures. Nice work thus far!

  2. sandwichbear

    Only experience can tell a builder how close is close enough. Without the experience, I’m left to fall into a deep hole of worry about a quarter inch here and a half an inch there. My tape measure shows eights and sixteenths and thirty-seconds – I have to remind myself not to get lost in the infinity between the big black numbers. Modafinil has helped me with those situations a great deal, but even smart-drugs have their limitations.

  3. Chris

    If it weren’t 300 miles, I’d offer a hand…but then we might end up spending all summer building using micrometers and dial calipers to set joists. Good luck.

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