This roof is looking like a roof.

Fast forward a minute. THE ROOF IS DONE. As with every other step, it took me a long time. Predictably, too much over-thinking occurred throughout the entire process.

What I learned: It’s not hard! None of this is hard! The hardest part of each and every step is gathering the motivation to slowly bumble through the learning process. I don’t have a pro carpenter on my shoulder, so I’m forced to just close my eyes and start swinging. (Don’t try this literally.)

I want to motivate anybody who is thinking about building with no experience: DO IT. As many others have already shown, building a tiny house is possible for anyone. The reward I feel after each step is well worth the frustration.

Budget update: I’m still not thinking about the budget. I’ll do the math later. I started selling stuff on eBay, as I’ve done before, and enough money is coming in. I started to run low on savings and had to take a minute to consider my options. I’m oil and jobs are water, so I decided to try my hand at thrift-hunting. I love thrift stores, and I’ve had “PowerSeller” status for over a year. The jump to full-time eBay was surprisingly smooth, and seems to be working out so far. I couldn’t be happier about that. (I already bought Kristin a new(er) laptop, and my last trip to buy shingles didn’t blow up my wallet too bad… so I’m calling it a win.)

Roof update: I know I mentioned this, but IT’S DONE. I spent way too long up on a ladder. I went up and down the ladder too many times for one tiny thing. But now I’m done. I can also happily report that my father was kind enough to assist me – he passed up shingles to me as needed so I didn’t have to climb all the way down each time. This voluntary gesture was significant and much appreciated. (My mom helped by passing me more shingles on the following day.)

Next up: Windows. I already have all the windows and now I need to put them in. I’ve already read about it and watched every YouTube video, and rented a DVD from the library, and a book for good measure – so now I get it. I have no more resources to justify further procrastination. S’gonna get done now.

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5 responses to “This roof is looking like a roof.

  1. windsor

    I can’t wait to see pictures when you start finishing the inside. Great job! :+)

    • Sandwich Bear

      YOU can’t wait??? Imagine how I’m feeling! The bullfrogs in the pond are making their summer sounds, and I cannot WAIT to move in. I sure wonder what the inside is going to look like… you probably have about as good an idea as I do right now!

  2. TJC

    Actually, you DO have a pro carpenter on your shoulder, or at least looking over your shoulder…but i am also a dad of a firstborn male now in the second half of his twenties and watching, I noticed the only things he learned was the stuff he figured out himself.

    So my lips are sealed. Except…well, if these photos are recent, and thou hast progressed no further, why not pause for a brief interlude of study, of looking at pictures in children’s books of gingerbread houses and old dutch doors, with arches and curlicues and whimsy and sass?

    There is a passage I cannot find, from Kerouac, I think, about someone at the cottage door, leaning on the sill, saying “Come on, let’s us for a walk!”

    Would that yer new home inspire dreams and miracles, wonderment and joy. It really should. Dress her like a lady, an invitation to adventure. Re-read “In Watermelon Sugar.” Go ask Alice.

    Really, my lips are sealed. It’s this keyboard I cannot stop…

  3. Kim

    I found you via the Tiny House News blog and just wanted to say I’m digging the conversational style of your posts. Also, it’s really empowering to hear you say it’s not that hard, so thanks!

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