Installing Windows. Seems easy..?

I cut the what what? Doth my tape deceive me? No? Fuggit.

Something awesome happened today. I spent the last couple days – portions of those days, anyway – looking at all possible resources for information about window installation. It all boils down to a fairly simple formula. You buy “window flashing” and you put it in the right places in the correct sequence. If your window has a “nailing fin” around the perimeter, then installation is crazy-simple. You use shims (available in packs) to wedge between the window unit and house framing – not so tight that it bows the window or prevents smooth operation. Once it’s shimmed and level, you nail through the flange (fin?). Put the flashing where the YouTube video with the best ratio of thumbs-up to thumbs-down tells you. Beg your brain not to make the job more difficult than it actually is.

I hit a setback. I flashed the first windowsill, lifted the window into the opening, and found out that the R.O. (rough opening; read: “hole”) was way too small. Ten inches off. Nuts.

I have no idea how I was able to pull that off. I’ll tell you though, I wasn’t upset in the least. Faced with life-changing or catastrophic news, I am calm and collected. It’s the unbelievably minor setbacks that will make me hit the roof. Thankfully, this setback seemed to register outside of the red-zone. Probably what happened is that my brain assessed this as a big deal, so I was cool as a cucumber. If I had realized how simple it would be to fix, I might have been taken away on a stretcher.

Overall success: I installed the window in the correctly-cut R.O. in the back of the house (1 outta 2 ain’t bad…). Making the incorrect R.O. ten inches taller was a simple matter of sawsalls and moving screws.

Current window tally: 2 out of 8.





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4 responses to “Installing Windows. Seems easy..?

  1. Kewl blog! I too, am a former van dweller, and planning a small granny cottage on my kid’s property next year. They have to get their house done first, then they can help me. I’m an old lady, so I DO accept help….lol. We’re looking into doing a simple pole barn style frame. I hope to do the whole thing for under 5K.. Cement pad and the few things we can’t get from local ‘friends’ in construction biz, will be the major expenses. It’ll be in what is now a 1/4 acre unkept forest on the end of their property. I will be reading your blog for inspiration.

  2. You are hysterical–AND a good writer! I follow the tiny (and slightly larger than tiny) house movement and somehow ended up here via a link. I always wondered what kind if tiny house would result whwn one puts zero skill together with moderately inconsistent work ethic!! Lol–only because I relate. Anyway you’ve got a book here–self-publish like I do! But pls take more pictures and with better lighting!! Kristen must be an angel!! Lol I love that you’re building for the pup too! Seriously, turn this into a book! Drop me a note and I’ll send you some links on what’s involved in Indie publishing. Just what you need: another task!! LOL

  3. Keep up the good work! We just finished putting in the last of our windows this weekend! Didn’t get to the door since we also went off an a mini-road trip inspired by a great deal on craigslist. I’m anxious to see it come together!

    • Sandwich Bear

      I find great joy in little road trips which are barely justified by the merits of an intended purchase alone. ie: “Awww, man… have you heard they have really good… toothpicks in… Ohio?”

      I’m trying to sell enough bicycle parts on eBay to buy a Diesel VW Rabbit… on eBay… and I’m not at all deterred by ones currently located in Arizona. [my loc: Pennsylvania]

      It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a real adventure. Last was Philadelphia to Florence Oregon by bicycle two summers ago. (Blogged that elsewhere. It was awesome.)

      Best of luck to you! I’ll be checking out your blog.


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