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The Slow Boat to Knowing Stuff.

The people building all these tiny houses are absolute gangsters. I’m still popping off a cap gun, but I’ve been shown who the boss is not. I have some suggestions for prospective tiny house builders.

1) Make a schedule. Work for 5 hours a day minimum. That’s what I should be doing.

2) When in doubt, try it out. If you haven’t built a house before, it’s hard to know the “right” way to do everything. Sometimes it’s best to just use common sense and forge ahead. Try to avoid expensive mistakes, sure, but don’t let internet forums and other contentious distractions grind your brain to a pulp.

I’m not following my own advice here, but I am making progress. I feel like I should be done with the outside by now, but hey, I’m not. I have important matters to attend to. If I was living in a tent beside the job site, I might go faster. But as it is, I am building next to the giant house of great distraction. There’s lots of cereal and air conditioning and it’s hard to get out of that sort of spiderweb.

As it stands, I have all six windows in downstairs and they’re probably installed good enough. I have one out of two upstairs windows installed, and “it’s probably installed good enough.” Oh:

3) Get windows with a nailing fin around the outside. They’re way easier to install and flash properly. I guess this isn’t strictly necessary if there’s a really good deal, but if you have nailing fins, you’ll be dodging a distraction.

Also along the lines of saving money: the insulation I got has black fiberglass-based paper facing. So I’m cutting it up and getting this shit everywhere. I’m wearing gloves, but the itch is unavoidable. I’d probably buy the same stuff for the same price again, but it’s rough to work with. I’m putting it in its place, but it feels like the other way around. Leather gloves in 95 degree weather will have me griping and taking cereal breaks often.

Also along the lines of saving money, I bought a car.

S’right. I’m on the slow boat to knowing stuff.

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