Tiny Bathtub and progress in the bathroom.

Two nights ago I was up late thinking. (and by “thinking” I mean “smoking pot.”) With the siding almost finished, it would soon be time to make progress on the interior of the house. Before I could measure for materials, I would need to know how big the bathroom would be. This should have been decided much earlier, but I prefer to keep things interesting. (and by “keep things interesting” I mean “make shit up as I go.”) The time is nigh – and that means “now.” I was up late looking at Craigslist.

I want the bathroom to be as small as possible without making it difficult to maneuver. Right? Well, I’m not sure how big that is. This is the sort of thing you have to make an educated guess about. My best guess was 24 inches wide. Two feet. Doable.

I was up late wondering what to use for a two-foot-wide shower pan. I had my thinking cap on. (and by “thinking cap” I mean… you get the idea.) Items that came to mind include a Rubbermaid bin, a galvanized horse trough like I’ve seen someone else use, and various home-built solutions that seem labor intensive and questionable on long-term waterproofness.

Actual RV showers exist, but they’re expensive. And I get positively sleepy even picturing using an item for its actual intended purpose. That’s strike two. Plus – and this is a frequent inconvenience – I don’t like to buy “new” products or materials. I feel like we [humans] should wear out what we’ve already made before voraciously devouring Earth’s resources even further. I’ll talk about this more in my next post about corporations, entitled “I’m a hypocrite, and if I was less full of shit, I would be walking around in a musty muslin* cloak.”

I like enameled cast iron tubs. **pouty face!!!** Too bad they don’t make tiny little cast iron bathtubs. Or do “they”…?

I searched Craigslist, and sure enough I found a tiny enameled cast iron bathtub. It was 21″ x 25″, but the seller had it listed as a “sink.” I bought it anyway. I’ve been keeping it on the floor to get it accustomed to its new purpose. When I walk past, I pause and whisper “bathtub… you are not a sink!

With a few quick swipes of the measuring tape, I knew how small I could build my bathroom walls. I did that today.

* good band name.

th dirty tub

The ultimate “before” pic. I has gud imaguhnashin.

th front and tub

Looks sharp, but needs paint!

th front distance

Siding is raw primer finish. Paint will make this look great.

th front siding

There will be a porch on the front, too. Patience…

th tub

Tiny industrial bathtub.

th tub2

Want to cuss? Lug this bastard around at night when you can’t see anything.


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