The heavy lifting is over. Time for pipes and wires.

My brain is a tornado no matter what I do to it. Drugs and logic are lost like bb’s fired into a maelstrom. Trying to keep my mind on target is like prodding an elephant with a stick of spaghetti.

I’ve developed a love/frustration relationship with my house. I look forward to getting it completed. I am proud of what I have finished so far. I have painted myself into 1,000 corners. My tender and easily-frazzled mind is awash. I’m still learning.

Since my last post, I’ve installed flooring. I have nice flooring that I pulled out of the trash. When I made some money, I bought some wood. I covered the bathroom walls with rough-sawn cypress. It smells good and looks good. I bought more cypress to build a porch. The porch extends four feet from the front of the house. There is no roof above it, but I will get to that. I saved up $2,000 and spent most of it at a bicycle swap meet. Two weeks later, when my eBay auctions began to bring in money, I purchased $678 worth of Trojan T-105 deep cycle batteries. I built a handsome box for my battery bank, and put it on the front porch. It will double as a bench. It is topped with rough sawn cypress – my new favorite wood. I brush my teeth with this shit. I shower by rubbing it on my body. I talk to it when I’m lonely.

I quit drinking on my birthday in 2011. My birthday in 2013 saw me buying a quarter keg of beer. I won’t let sobriety prevent me from enjoying a good kegger. Tiny House – tiny keg. I invited a slew-and-a-half of my favorite people over to celebrate what I’ve accomplished so far. I have work ahead of me, but a birthday and a mild-weather respite was good cause to celebrate the present.

To do: install electrical system and propane system. Golly gee…


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