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Finding Courage and Building Storage.

The house is nearly complete. Now we’re at the stage where I can chill out a little bit. Sure – there are still hurdles to hop. It’s not quite time to bury the saws – but we’re living in a tiny house.

I put up a bunch more cheap trim around stuff. It’s starting to look more finished. Kristin started painting some of the trim, and it’s starting to look great. I have barely a clue how to design and organize a space for living. I know a tiny house requires lots and lots of storage, so I’m just jamming in as many storage ideas as possible.

For the walls and roof – and windows and door and loft – I had a plan. I had measurements for every two-by-four and screw. Now I have no further direction. I didn’t make a 3-D model of interior details. These details all depend on what materials I can find for the smallest amount of money and what I’m able to find or hack together. This approach requires an open mind.

Organizing my tiny house interior demands a delicate balance, because I lack everything but an imagination. I don’t have much money or skill. My brain over-engineers at every opportunity. With no experience building tiny houses, I find myself reverting to my typical ways – I overthink every detail and take forever to get anything done. My mind is a thousand train cars with no engine. 

I have a legal pad with about 60 half-ideas spanning several pages. I need a bookshelf here; another outlet there… plenty of work to be done. But all is well. We’re cooking and cleaning and making coffee down in the tiny house. I haven’t been up to the big house too much in the past week. There will be an ongoing battle with simplification and getting rid of stuff that doesn’t fit – either physically or in a metaphorical sense. But there is sunshine on the horizon.

Me? I’m ready to do anything else. I want a totally different project. Building this house was hard as hell. It still is hard, but now I’m trying again to pace myself – or more accurately, to accept my naturally slower pace. I’m fighting to rationalize my brain from feeling too worried, hurried, or buried. I’m channelling my 17-year-old self, who was a genius. That guy reminds me: don’t take anything too seriously. If you’re not happy, then you’re taking something too seriously. Broken down to its simplest elements, yes – my life is exactly that black and white.


Oak scrap shelf. Super basic.



Wawa brand milk crate storage with stainless steel bicycle spokes bent into custom S-hooks. Awesomest version of a pot rack. Most of the cookware is camping stuff. So are the stoves.


We’re using the camping version of everything, which makes it all portable and miniature, which is my favorite thing ever. The crate spent years on my bicycle, and now serves a new purpose. I make coffee on a camp stove.

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Trimming the brains; trim in the house.

Through the combined powers of psychiatry and positive thinking, I’m reporting my mood as “great.” Let me tell you more about it.

I quit taking Adderall (scatterball) for awhile to let my brain get back to its natural state. I want to make sure that I am a jackass all the time and it’s not just the pills. Confirmed. It’s my brain. I finally got a psychiatrist, since that’s what people ought to do if they feel like they are always spinning at a different pace than the Earth.

The act of finally jumping through the hoops to see a psychiatrist has pushed me toward better behavior in general. I’ve identified that there are definite changes that I want to make in my life. Simply identifying that these problems do exist and are fixable has led me to a higher awareness of what my brain is doing. Like they say, “awareness is the first step toward shutting the fuck up.

That’s what I need. I need a dose of STFU. I get frustrated over tiny inconveniences. I need a little shoe to come out and kick me in the balls when that happens. I need someone to point out that I’m being a baby.

We can ease up on the houses here. Before we build all these houses we need the capacity for continued work. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling smarter and more sane than I’ve felt for a year. That has led me to continue working on the house.

I’m putting up trim. I have wires running all over the place, and holes all up and down every wall surface. I’m leaping back into action by screwing strips of wood to everything.

I found the cheapest wood available at the Big Orange Store. It’s rough sawn fence boards; a half inch thick. I’m ripping them on my little table saw and screwing them into everything. I quit trying to be a professional cabinet maker, and started trying to make progress instead.

Every photo I’ve ever taken is a grainy sack of baloney, but I sure don’t mind clicking keys on a keyboard. That’s why this blog basically fell apart. Some day I will learn how to do more photos and less words. Some day I will get tired of sticking sticks into my brainhole.

Good Shit: the fridge is in. It’s working like a boss. We have food down here, and we’re working toward cooking and eating down here, since we finally can. 10 out of 10 for awesomeness.

More Good Shit: I built a little cover for the fuse box and charger, so it’s not so frogdamn ugly over there. It’s got bead board on the face of it. I’d give it a 7 out of 10 for quality, so at least it matches visually.

Triple Good Shit: We sold the little couch and got some Ikea “Poang” chairs. I’ve always loved these chairs. Super comfortable. They are also easy to move around, and they take less space. Great. ‘Cause this house is super-fukkin-small. Free chairs: at least 15 out of 10.

Good. Night.


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