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Winter Adventure 2015 Begins

Well, I pretty much finished the house, I guess. Improvements might grind into view some time in the future, but for now it is in a state of rest. I have constructed the ultimate hangout fort; a cozy respite. It resembles a house, but has no bathroom or running water. The storage is inadequate, and wires hang down on the walls, leading to a fuse box spouting spaghetti. It’s a great place, it really is, but my focus has shifted elsewhere. I became embattled in a desperate fight to earn enough money to travel for as much of the winter as possible.

And so I did. So we did.

Kristin and I shoveled thousands of books in and out of cars and boxes. Soon enough, our income stopped being a subject of worry. Now enough money is flowing in to cause a twinge of excitement, and I am positive that we have more than enough for our meager needs.

For three days, we have been traveling south and west. We haven’t slept in the car yet, but we came close. We’ve already had occasion to sneak a dog into a restaurant – successfully – and we are on our way to killing time in a goofy and deeply satisfying manner. With the eschewing of as much responsibility as possible, I am as happy as I have been in a very long time. Roads and destinations lie ahead, and we can pass time and locations at any pace we see fit. It feels like freedom.

I am chronicling our adventure more completely at

Thank you again to everyone who has read this nonsense, and especially to those who said nice things and wished me luck. Your affirmations that I am an acceptable human bolster my confidence that everything will be alright in this thin moment of life on Earth.

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