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Tiny House for Sale: $12,000 OBO

Tiny Home for sale.

$12,000 OBO. I won’t attempt a profit. This is the first house I built. I over-researched every step. It is not move-in ready, but the time to move in has been greatly accelerated: the walls, windows, insulation, and roofing are in place. The appliances and layout are the choice of the next owner. Improvement can be made to the electrical system of spaghetti, but four Trojan batteries are included. Everything is included. If you are interested, you just need to move it, which probably means hiring someone.

If you are interested, submit a bid. I don’t bite. (747)444-1076

I am ready for another chapter.

I’ve learned exactly what I wanted to while building this wonderful little home. I can comfortably construct framing and cut rafters. I can bend copper tubes, and design a basic propane system. I can confidently put batteries in a box, and I know what thickness of spaghetti to use at each interval to distribute power to a house.

I moved back to Philadelphia a few months ago. One month from now, Kristin and I will be married. All I want from life is a new project or adventure. My mind still swims with ideas and plans involving converted truck houses, cars with mattresses instead of seats, and housing built from material out of the waste stream.

I dream of pedal-powered tricycles with large wheels and low gearing. I dream of a pole barn where we share bench space and affordable tools. I want to build a force field of flowers and concrete around a commune where we create, construct, but mostly look at the stars. I want to exist like more life can be squeezed from the bottom of a toothpaste tube. I want to work hard at always needing less. I want the hammer to form the blacksmith, while I find reality under a blanket.

Meanwhile, I need somebody to buy this Tiny House.

Call Chris: (747) 444-1076. I am available for all matters of commerce or jibber-jabber.


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