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Moving Back Into a Van. (House still for sale.)

I’ve spent time traveling in a van. I’ve spent time posted up in one spot. It was a learning experience. It enhanced my life.

I traveled by bicycle. I learned more.

When I wanted to bolster my abilities, I set out to build a Tiny House on Blocks. (The house is still on my parents’ property. Name your price, and you can have it. Re-do the interior and make it your own.)

A year has passed since me and Kristin left for the big city. Aspects of apartment life have been acceptable, but the grass is always greener everywhere else. Grass is also less expensive to walk on than it is to claim ownership of.

We are moving into a 1998 Dodge Ram. We got the extended body with a hi-top. It has all the function of a tiny house. I’m starting to think I had it right in the first place. Vandwelling is another shortcut to home ownership. Enhance your life while following the sun.

Me and Kristin and the Two Dogs are leaving in a week. We’ll drive our new home down to Key West, New Orleans, Austin. We’ll pick a spot in the desert. We’ll truck slowly along the 10 and into California. We will continue in this manner for months. If everything stays upright, months can become years. We are leaving on an open-ended loaf-about. is where I’ve been writing since my 20’s. That’s where I wrote about living in my first van. That’s where I wrote about riding my bicycle from Philadelphia to Florence, Oregon. I’m writing there again about vandwelling, and there are many photos of Nessie, our van.

About that tiny house. Tell me how cheap you want it, and schedule a truck to drag it up to the driveway. Think of it as a well-crafted shell, and consider re-doing the interior your way. I’ll accept any offer you think is fair. Try me. 747-444-1076

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