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Typical Frustrations of an Inexperienced Builder.

Welp, I’ve got those skids in place, so now it’s time for the subfloor assembly. I decided on 2″x6″ joists for a hip-shot at being strong enough without overdoing it. The joists are only spanning eight feet, and they’re supported underneath by the pressure treated beams. Should be good.

Having no hands-on experience with carpentry or housebuilding leads to a lot of frustrating head-scratching moments. I routinely have questions which are so elementary in nature, I am almost embarrassed to form them in my head. Today’s difficulty was with stripping the heads of screws as I attempted to drive them through the band boards and into the joists. I was stripping screws and Phillips bits like no tomorrow.

I have a system for dealing with these situations: First, I throw a little temper tantrum to get warmed up. Next, I put everything down and go read some loosely-related information for a few hours while drinking coffee. Soon enough, my Adderall has worn off and I can begin preparations for sleep. Hopefully, by this point I will have found some kind of solution to try out the next day.

So, what’s the answer? Don’t be lazy about drilling pilot holes. Drill them. Then, when you’re driving the screws in using a drill – push WAY HARDER. Once I drilled pilot holes and really leaned into the work, everything was much smoother. It was a very simple solution which an experienced builder would barely think to mention. If I were on a job site, I could just look at someone more experienced and copy what they were doing. This will be a recurring theme. I’ve accepted this.



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